Sarang Joshi is all about verve and energy and he believes in reaching out to bigger challenges after the success of every venture. Shrikant Anpat is the role model of diligence and believes in delivering work that spells perfection. Together, they are responsible for the exponential growth of their design practice Design Consultants Architects. When Joshi and Anpat came together, they seemed to have resolved to pour all their imagination, diligence and ambition for the growth of their company. The success story in a short span is solely based on the talent pool - of civil engineers, structural engineers, interior designers, computer graphic designers who lend their expertise and experience on a regular basis. These are people with an unquenchable thirst for excellence and perfection. DCA is a firm with an unbridled passion for more which only helps us get better with every project. Their specialisation is providing innovative design, architecture and landscape solutions as an integrated service. Space is thus a vital raw material through which they give just the right competitive edge by creating icons of class, efficiency and refinement. "We believe in providing designs that are aesthetically appealing, geometrically perfect and artistically supreme! We believe in leaving our insignia on the future," they say. They have been long associated with versatility and their diversity of design show a depth, which has helped them carve an enviable reputation. Since they love all thing creative, it is very difficult for them duo to create a list without missing out on someone and the same being the case with material. Suffice to say, "We love all good and meaningful design and love all material — since its use is contextual," they say. 

Sarang Joshi and Shrikant Anpat

At Design Consultants, architects efficiently handle the management while the services of other associates are availed from time to time, depending on the nature of the project and complexities involved. It is solely on the basis of the toil put in by this team of well-qualified people that the firm has been successful in creating 'beauty out of ether' on a fairly regular basis. The repertoire of successful projects ranges from interiors for private sector organisations, residential interiors, industrial projects, residential-cum-commercial complexes to name a few.