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Designer Consultants Architects Faqs
pointer What are the documents required to start an architectural project if DCAPL is selected as architects?
  The documents required would be
Information about the site.
City Survey site map from concern authority.
Property Card.
7/12 form.
pointer What is the difference between outline proposal and scheme design?
  Outline proposal is a single line layout to understand the client’s requirements; it can be in a sketch form also. Conceptual layouts or scheme designs are done considering all services and after letter of appointment is issued.
pointer How much time will be required for the outline proposal after the 1st site visit?
  It approximately takes 1 week after the 1st site visit, depending on the complexity of the project.
pointer How many scheme designs will be issued?
  2 to 3 scheme designs are generally issued.
pointer Are elevations given with scheme design?
  Elevations and even 3d views can be given with scheme design if paid.
pointer Does DCAPL give detail estimate of scheme design?
  After the scheme design is finalized detail estimate can be given.
pointer Is the licensing work done by DCAPL?
  No, but DCAPL can suggest the client a good agency.
pointer Are the Charges of consultants inclusive in the fees?
  It varies from case to case; In Interior Design Consultancy the charges of consultants are inclusive.
  In Architectural Consultancy the charges of electrical consultant, plumbing consultants are not inclusive. The charges of RCC Consultant can be inclusive.
pointer What are the stages of site visit?
  There are 5 stages of site visits for architectural projects.
Checking the centerline.
Plinth level/Slab 1st.
2nd Slab.
3rd Slab.
Super Structure/Finishing.
pointer Will the supervisor on site be appointed by DCAPL or clients?
  Depends on the size and complexity of the project.
pointer What is Project Management Consultancy?
  Project Management Consultancy is an agency which, supervises, schedules, monitors and coordinates the entire process of the project.
pointer Does DCAPL also take up Project Management Consultancy?
  No, DCAPL does not take up Project Management Consultancy but can suggest a good agency.
pointer Does DCAPL give project Schedule?
  Yes, for large projects, project schedule can be given.
pointer Does DCAPL guide in selection of suppliers?
  DCAPL can guide in selection of suppliers.
pointer Does DCAPL give detail estimate of scheme design?
  Yes, DCAPL gives detail estimate after the scheme design is finalized.
pointer Why should the client tell his budget? Will disclosing the budget be beneficial to the client?
  Yes, disclosing the budget will be beneficial to the client, as it will save time and efforts of both the client and the architect, once the architect knows the clients budget he can suggest the client options as per the budget. We at DCAPL do not stretch the budget, we believe that a true architect is the one who gives a good design which is made considering the clients budget.
pointer Why should the client not take multiple options and boqs from multiple architects and then compare?
  Taking multiple options from multiple architects is fine (if architects are paid for that), but the client will not be able to compare multiple options with multiple boqs. As every option will have its own assumptions, its own material specifications, its own quantities. Comparing all this is next to impossible. There are two ideal ways.
Get the design and Boq done from him, pay him for the same, then get the quotes on this design and boq from multiple architects and then select the architect in accordance to that, appoint him and allot him the work.
Get the design and consultancy charges from multiple architects, pay them for the designs, select the architect according to the best design, finalize the consultancy charges and appoint him as the architect.
pointer If there is a detail in the project execution then why is the architect not responsible for it?
  The architect has no control over the staff or workers of the contractor, and secondly the contractor is a different agency altogether and also charges separately for the same. So the contractor is solely responsible for the delay in the execution of the project and not the architect.
pointer When does the project start?
  The project starts, when the planning starts.
pointer Why should the client pay the architect till the stage as decided in the appointment letter even if a project gets cancelled?
  The architect should be paid as he has been rendering his services till the stage where the project is decided to be canceled and man hour have been put on the project by the architect.
pointer Why should the client pay separately for design and execution?
  Designing and execution are two different activities where in different professionals are involved. Architects and Interior designers work on the designing and detailing part after which the execution is done by the architects and engineers on site. Man hours are put in by different professions at different stages and are paid for the same.
pointer Why should the client have an Architect?
  Availing the services of an architect will take a heavy burden off the clients shoulders. A good architect will be able to shoulder the entire project end to end, which means right from conceptualizing the design to giving the final touches to the project. The architects contribution to a building extends far beyond the form and aesthetics. It can influence the perception, performance and value of your business/activity. An architect can design a building or an interior that is tailored to the clients needs, both now and in the future; one that is not only productive but also a pleasure to work in and visit.